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Celebrating  More Than 31 Years of Service! 


Sigma Epsilon Omega Chapter Was Chartered On January 20,1990


Seated left to right:  Carolyn Jackson, Shirlyn Johnson-Granville, Frederica S. Wilson (South-Atlantic Regional Director), Venetta Taylor, Kathy Hill and Birdie Pogue

Standing left to right:  Florence Mitchell, Vermell (McIntyre) Leslie, Juanita Cofer, Lori Hill, Joe Ann Denning, Patricia Lockhart, Janice Burnette, Felicia Meadows, Yolanda Hart, Trelley Williams, Tammy Dunn, Dorethea Scott, Valerie (Bowden) Hilton, Christine Porter, Tiena Fletcher, Lisa Smith, Faynetta Porter, Brenda Hopson, Sarah Nottingham,  Jaki Scott, Gwendolyn Taylor and Mamie Johnson 


For many years, the Alpha Kappa Alpha members in Warner Robins had often spoken of starting their own local chapter.  Several of them were members of Gamma Pi Omega Chapter in Ft. Valley, GA and had been very active with this chapter for a number of years.  After much networking in May and June of 1988, the first Interest Group pre-planning meeting was held.  During the next meeting held on August 1, 1988, officers were elected, a name for the Interest Group, “World Changers on the Move” was selected and standing committees were adopted.  At the close of this initial meeting, all of the ladies vowed to contact other members in the area while continuing to work with Mrs. Frederica S. Wilson, the 11th South-Atlantic Regional Director and Mrs. Jasmine Ellis, Cluster V Coordinator and President of Gamma Pi Omega Chapter.  “World Changers on the Move” was extremely active in providing service projects for the community. 

In 1989, the membership grew from nineteen members to twenty-four members and then to thirty-four members for chartering.  After meeting with Mrs. Wilson in October, she enthusiastically agreed to grant the group a charter within the next few months.  On January 20, 1990 in the McIntyre Room at the Warner Robins Recreation Center, “World Changers on the Move” was chartered as Sigma Epsilon Omega Chapter.  
Through the years under the leadership of former presidents:  Shirlyn Johnson-Granville, Kathy B. Hill, Joe Ann Denning, Carolyn Jackson, Karen Doctor-Gadsden, Renee Brown Reese, LaTanga Allen-Felder, Adrienne Ray, Robertiena Fletcher, Tammy Long-Dunn and now Karen Doctor-Thomas.  Sigma Epsilon Omega has continued the Alpha Kappa Alpha tradition of service to all mankind/the Middle Georgia community through its many programs and activities. 





Sigma Epsilon Omega Chartering Officers


Pictured left to right:  (seated) Lori Hill, Lisa Smith, Brenda Hopson, Kathy Hill, Frederica S. Wilson (South-Atlantic Regional Director), Carolyn Jackson and Felicia Meadows (standing) Joe Ann Denning, Vermell (McIntyre) Leslie, Shirlyn Johnson-Granville, Jean Draper, Florence Mitchell, Mamie Johnson, Jaki Scott and Virgie Harris  


Former Sigma Epsilon Omega Chapter Presidents

Shirlyn Johnson-Granville

1990 - 1991


Kathy B. Hill

1992 - 1993


Joe Ann Denning

1994 - 1995


Carolyn Jackson

1996 – 1997


Karen Doctor-Gadsden

1998 – 1999


Carolyn Jackson

2000 – 2005


Renee Brown Reese

2006 – 2007


Carolyn Jackson  

2008 - 2009


LaTanga Allen - Felder

2010 - 2011


Carolyn Jackson

2012 - 2015


 Adrienne Ray

2016 - 2017


Robertiena Fletcher

2018 - 2021


Tammy Long-Dunn

2022 - 2023




Celebrating 23 Years Of Service To Houston County
Several Charter Members of Sigma Epsilon Omega Chapter

Chapter Presidents (Past and Present)
Renee Reese, Shirlyn Granville, Carolyn Jackson, LaTanga Allen-Felder and Kathy Hill

~ SEO Legends ~


Pictured left to right:  (seated) Trelley WIlliams, Juanita Cofer, Jaki Scott, Patricia Lockhart and Carolyn Jackson (standing) Yolanda Hart, Dorethea Scott, Florence Mitchell, Jean Draper, Shirlyn Granville and Tiena Fletcher  



Pictured:  Tiena Fletcher